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Let's Get talking About... Anxiety and Depression

In the first of our new ‘let’s get talking about’ webinar series, four therapists from Lawrence Way invite you to understand more about feelings of anxiety and depression and explore possible ways of supporting ourselves when experiencing these feelings. 

In this series of four 50-minute webinars you will gain understanding of:

  • the characteristics and effects of anxiety and depression

  • how to recognise these common health problems 

  • what help is available to support this kind of suffering.

The four-part programme will be available starting Wednesday June 24th 2020, with a new webinar released each week.

Each 50-minute webinar session has been pre-recorded, enabling you to access each session at a time that is convenient to you.


To register, please visit our event page on Eventbrite.

There is a £20 registration fee for this set of 4 webinars.  If the fee would prevent you accessing the course, please contact us to request a reduced fee or free place.  

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